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Handy Hints

• Always empty the pockets before storage and hang on a substantial hanger. This will help maintain the shape of the garment.
• Protect your clothes from moth damage by having them cleaned regularly; moths love dirty clothes. When out of season store in cloth bags and with a natural anti moth Colibri.
• DO NOT store your clothes in polythene bags. It is essential that your clothes breathe. Polythene bags may cause condensation.
• Store out of daylight, especially sunlight, as UV rays will affect the dyes in the cloth.
• Deal with stains as soon as possible as stains develop and damage the material.
• Dry cleaning deals well with oil based stains. Applying water to a stain only exacerbates the problem and may set the stain.
• Water based stains may affect the colour of the garment which may only become evident when dry cleaned.