This concept of stitching & fixing has been brought forward in Chennai by Mrs. Sunitha Agarwal who runs 'stitch & fix' at Purasaiwalkam. She has now expanded her unit to a design studio at Balfour road. 'Sunitha's Design Studio' executes designer wear of all kinds ie Suits, Sarees, Westerns all designed by Ms.Bhavna Madan, nift,'96, New Delhi.

Since '96, Ms.Bhavna Madan has worked and gained experience in Delhi ,Calcutta and even has her own design label. At the Sunitha Design Studio, She personally interacts with the customers , discussing the designs to be executed on various fabrics. Ms.Bhavna believes 'There is no feeling as beautiful as execution of your designs as described and actually seeing someone wear and appreciate it, which is the ultimate high for a designer and since the 'Swarovski' components themselves are so beautiful it makes my job easier". 

At Sunitha Design Studio,There is a whole range of  beautiful crystal buttons, transfers, mesh and each one has a whole range - a large variety".

Transfers are a composition of co-ordinated crystals and metallics forming a pattern placed on transfer paper. This paper is pasted on the fabric which is ironed from the back. Once the crystal is stuck the transfer paper is removed and voila the pattern is 'transfered' onto the fabric, hence they are called 'transfers'.

Sunitha's Design Studio has been recently launched and is gaining a lot of appreciation specially from the 'cream' of society which wants quality and creation at a good price. From sarees to skirts, it's all available under one roof. Mrs.Sunitha Agarwal  believes in long term association with the customers and thus giving them the best quality for the best price.

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