Specialist Tailor and Dry Cleaner
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Whether it’s a simple shortening of a hem or a pair of trousers, invisibly mending a tear, or a vital modification the same commitment goes into the work. And we don’t just ‘lob a bit off the bottom’. If, for example, you want the sleeves of a jacket shortened, we’ll start at the top, taking the extra material from the shoulder and adjusting the shoulder pads and lining, so that the original detail at the cuff of the sleeve remains. This attention to detail is paramount in any alteration, be it shortening or lengthening jackets, sleeves, trousers, skirts, dresses, adding or removing turn-ups, adjusting waist size or lapels, or even just moving buttons. We are experienced tailors and are good at what we do and we understand that you want your garments to fit you correctly.

How long will it take? At the time of the appointment, we will advise based on the amount of work, how long your garment will take to alter however most work is completed within 48 hours.

What happens if I need the garment urgently? In urgent cases a garment can be altered and returned to you the same day. Just let us know your requirements when you contact us.

Prices: We do not have hidden charges. We will not charge you for a fitting in our boutique or for advice. Our only additional charges are incurred when we visit you for fitting or for our collection/delivery service.